Subway building with sign (l) woman speaking outside with caption

Subway building with sign (l) woman speaking outside with caption© Provided by Daily Dot

As touchscreen payment processors have become more common, so too has being prompted for a tip.

Numerous users on TikTok have complained about this in the past. One clip went viral after a user questioned why workers at Subway should receive tips. Another claimed they were asked for a tip on a $2 soft pretzel. A third user, who is a bartender dependent on tips, alleged that her tips have been reduced owing to the new prevalence of tipping at previously non-tipped destinations.

Throughout all of these tipping experiences, one may wonder if the tip they select on the touchscreen actually goes to the person who is serving them. According to one TikToker, she was told it does not—instead, the tips allegedly went straight to the owner.

In a video with over 448,000 views as of Friday, TikTok user Skye Elizabeth (@pilotskye) says that, on a recent trip to Subway, she was told to simply skip over the tipping screen. When she asked why, the worker told her, “We don’t see any of that money anyways. It goes straight to the owners.”

“Unless you see a jar, don’t ever click the tip button,” the employee allegedly advised.

Elizabeth ends the video by asking if anyone else’s job steals their tips. In the comments section, users claimed it was more common than one might think.

“As a teen my manager at took most of the tips and required us to lie and say we got $20 everyday or he would fire you,” a user claimed.