• Denzel Washington Making Sequel To His Most Underrated Movie?

    Denzel Washington Making Sequel To His Most Underrated Movie?

    Director Antoine Fuqua has expressed interest in continuing the story of Denzel Washington’s character, Chisolm, from The Magnificent Seven. As ComicBook.com reports, while promoting Equalizer 3, the director mentioned that he would like to revisit Chisolm. The third Equalizer film is the latest film to bring the auteur and the actor and also represents Fuqua’s first film trilogy.

    “I think, Magnificent 7, I always wanted that character [Chisolm] to have more of a story. I wanted a bigger story, an arc with that character, you know? Very cool guy.”

    Antoine Fuqua

    Both his willingness to continue a franchise and his continued work with Denzel Washington provide some hope for a Magnificent Seven sequel. The Emancipation and Training Day director clearly has an ongoing collaborative relationship with the star, which might have something to do with his willingness to make more follow-up films. The 2016 Western was a change of pace in many ways for both artists and could certainly spawn another film or two.

    A remake of the 1960 original, The Magnificent Seven stars Denzel Washington as the leader of an outlaw group. The original concept has been remade several times for the large and small screens and was itself a reimagining of Akira Kurosawa’s classic Seven Samurai. The original also had three sequels: Return of the Seven (1966), Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969), and The Magnificent Seven Ride! (1972)

    Amazon Is Working On A Magnificent Seven Series

    Calling Denzel Washington’s character a “very cool guy” Fuqua said he would be interested in telling a further story that he always felt Chisolm deserved. It would be interesting, though, to see how such a film would compete with the new Amazon Studios Magnificent Seven series, which is being written and executive produced by Nic Pizzolatto of True Detective fame. In any case, there is definitely room for another movie.



    Beyoncé has had a good “Renaissance” — but a recent stop in Arizona hit a snag when the sound “went mute” for longer than it should have.

    The ex-Destiny’s Child leader stopped by Glendale, AZ — a suburb of Phoenix — on Thursday (August 24) to perform her latest installment of the tour. Unfortunately, during a performance of “Alien Superstar,” the sound went out for a good ten minutes, forcing the Queen Bey to walk off the stage.


    Fans were getting concerned when they didn’t see Beyoncé return to the State Farm Stadium stage, but after about 10 minutes, the sound was restored and Bey, once again, returned to the stage.

    Best of all, she came out with a full costume change and performed a version of “Alien Superstar” for the ages. Check it out below.


    Sound snafu aside, Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour has proven to be quite the success for the superstar, with many a celebrity guest stopping by — including, most recently, 21 Savage, who proved that his talent extends beyond just spitting bars in the studio as he let his singing voice be heard during Beyoncé‘s  recent Renaissance Tour stop.

    During Queen B’s Atlanta performance on August 11 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the ATL rap superstar took to his Instagram Stories and showed up like a regular civilian who was excited to see, arguably, one of the greatest entertainers in music history.

    In one of his stories, 21 was seen belting out Beyonce’s 2003 single “Dangerously In Love” without a care in the world. He followed up the social media performance by singing Bey’s 2011 R&B anthem “1+1.”

    21 Savage ended things by singing along with the 41-year-old to Mary J. Blige’s 1994 hit cover, “I’m Goin’ Down.”


    Quavo, too, also stopped by Beyoncé’s Atlanta tour stops — but decided to show off his bartending skills instead of his rapping skills. 

    The Rocket Power rapper stopped by the Renaissance tour stop in Atlanta, GA, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on August 12. There, Quavo demonstrated that he was quite capable of mixing his own drink to his liking, much to the delight of onlookers.

    It wasn’t clear, however, what Quavo preferred to drink.


    Meanwhile, last month, Jack Harlow was able to introduce his mom, Maggie Harlow, to Bey backstage before her show in Louisville, Kentucky, with a photo of the moment showing the two women engaged in conversation as Harlow watched on.

    Beyoncé was even seen holding a tall gift bag — the kind usually used to carry a bottle of liquor or spirits – although it’s unclear if she was gifted this from Jack and his mom.

    “Introduced my Mom to Beyoncé in Louisville, Kentucky tonight,” Harlow wrote on Threads.

  • Stephen A. Smith: LeBron James’ Failure to Attend Dwyane Wade’s Hall of Fame Induction Highlights His Dependence on Wade

    Stephen A. Smith: LeBron James’ Failure to Attend Dwyane Wade’s Hall of Fame Induction Highlights His Dependence on Wade

    In a recent episode of his show, sports analyst Stephen A. Smith shared his thoughts on LeBron James’ decision not to attend Dwyane Wade’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

    Wade, a former teammate and close friend of LeBron, was honored in a star-studded event, but the Lakers superstar chose not to be present.

    While acknowledging LeBron’s right to make his own choices, Smith made a point about why this matter is significant, saying, “To me, LeBron James is the last person who should have missed Dwyane Wade’s Hall of Fame induction.”

    Smith’s argument centers around the idea that Dwyane Wade played a crucial role in LeBron’s championship success.

    Smith observed, “It could easily be argued that LeBron James wouldn’t know what it feels like to be a champion if it weren’t for Dwyane Wade.” He further emphasized LeBron’s versatility and the need for a talented playmaker by his side, similar to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s reliance on Magic Johnson.

    Smith firmly believes that LeBron’s championship pedigree is owed to Wade, stating, “I firmly believe that LeBron James owes his championship success to Dwyane Wade. Before LeBron James brought his talents to South Beach, Dwyane Wade was already a champion.”

    Smith also highlighted how Wade taught LeBron how to handle the pressures both on and off the court, especially from the media.

    LeBron James, often considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, has won four NBA championships, two of which were alongside Wade during their time with the Miami Heat.



    Akbar V has stood in support of Donald Trump despite his string of indictments and said she plans to vote for him again in the 2024 election.

    The 45th President is currently facing multiple criminal charges, some of which are on the federal level. Most recently, the former POTUS was charged with 13 separate counts in Fulton County, Georgia related to attempting to overthrow the 2020 election, including a racketeering charge and several fraud and false statement counts.


    18 of his co-defendants have also been charged with conspiring to assist the former president, and once it was announced this time around Trump would need to pose for a mugshot, the internet waited with bated breath for it to arrive.

    While the clowning and trolling of the former president has been relentless since the release of the aforementioned mugshot on Thursday (August 24), Akbar has said she doesn’t care about the recent charges and said Trump still has her support because he could potentially reinstate the Paycheck Protection Program, which helped catapult the U.S. economy into a quick recovery from the coronavirus pandemic by helping small businesses stay open.


    “I don’t give a fuck who look at me different I’m voting for Trump,” the “Owe Me Something” rapper said on her Instagram Story. “I’m voting for Trump, y’all can kiss my ass. The only thing he’s motherfucking Democrats done got in here is give money to other motherfucking countries…man Trump was in the chair, man wasn’t no killing going on. Everybody was getting money.

    “Everybody was getting money. Everybody was happy. PPP boys they ain’t have no pressure on that shit. Bring them back, and for them to come back we need Trump. Straight up, like ain’t nobody finna keep voting for no Democratic n-ggas up here taking the money and giving it to other countries. I’m not voting for y’all n-ggas…Fuck y’all I’m voting for Trump. Free Trump. If he get indicted I’m still voting for him.”


    Akbar unfortunately appears to be alone in this belief, as numerous other rappers have relentlessly clowned the former president for his consistent string of criminal charges this year. No one has been more cruel to No. 45 then Plies, who most recently trolled Trump again for his mugshot.

    “The Look U Give When U Been Yelling ‘Lock Her Up’ & ‘The Biden Crime Family,’” he wrote on Twitter alongside the mugshot. “But U The B*tch That’s Really The Criminal!!!!  U Can Fool Everybody But God!!!”

    In a separate video on IG, Plies continued his jokes, pretending to be the excited photographer tasked with taking Trump’s photo. He then took aim at Trump’s colleagues, sharing a picture of their respective mugshots and writing: “Look At These Crooks!!!!!!. A Great Day In America! Get These Thugz Off The Streetz!!!!!”

    He added on Twitter that he’d no longer be referring to the former Apprentice host as Donald J. Trump, but instead as “Inmate Po1135809.”


    This is now the fourth indictment faced by the former president, who has also previously been charged in the state of New York with allegedly falsifying business records due to hush money payments made to a porn star during the 2016 presidential campaign, as well as for his handling of classified documents in Florida.

    Earlier this month, the United States Justice Department announced federal charges against Trump, which allege that the president undertook a “criminal scheme” to overturn the results of his 2020 loss against Joe Biden, and repeatedly pushed lies about the election results, doubling down on said falsehoods during the January 6 Riot.



    Young Thug‘s YSL RICO trial has been put on hold for the time being while a separate defendant is tried in another murder case.

    According to Law&Crime Network‘s Cathy Russon, any YSL-related hearings or jury selections will be delayed until August 31 due to defendant Cordarius Dorsey’s murder trial.

    Although, she did confirm that Thugger was in court on Wednesday (August 23) with an accompanying video. Thug is seen walking into the courtroom in a white sweater and chatting with some of the personnel before taking a seat.

    “No more #YSL hearings/jury selection until Aug. 31. Defendant Cordarius Dorsey is currently on trial for murder in an unrelated case in front of another judge,” Russon wrote to Twitter. “Therefore, no more activities will happen until that case has concluded.”


    While Young Thug has remained in jail since being arrested in May 2022 and denied bond four times, he’s still optimistic when it comes to his chances of ultimately regaining his freedom.

    A text conversation between Thug’s nephew and the YSL honcho was shared earlier this week. While Young Thug’s nephew misses having the guidance of his uncle, Thugger assured B Slime he’d be home soon.

    “LY2 Peter u good,” Thug asked.

    “Yes, Unc I really Miss You Brah AINT Nan Like When U Hea I Miss having Fun I miss Listening To Everything U Tell Me I Miss Waking Up Knowing we Together .. I’m Continuing To Record n Do Watt I Gotta Do Just Need You Hea,” B Slime replied.

    The So Much Fun rapper then confidently stated they’d be reunited in the future: “Im otw jack thats ongod.”

    The trial is still moving at a snail’s pace with the jury selection process ongoing with not even one seat filled yet. Whenever the trial does kick off, it’s expected to last between six to nine months so Thug’s fate won’t be decided until well into 2024.

    Young Thug celebrated his 32nd birthday from behind bars and, despite the snitching allegations and distancing himself from YSL, Gunna joined in on wishing his mentor a happy birthday earlier this month.

    The image posted to Gunna’s Instagram Story showed the Georgia natives sitting side-by-side inside a car as the former Rich Gang member is seen laughing.

  • ‘It goes straight to the owner’: Customer says Subway worker told her they don’t receive any of the tip money

    ‘It goes straight to the owner’: Customer says Subway worker told her they don’t receive any of the tip money


    Subway building with sign (l) woman speaking outside with caption

    Subway building with sign (l) woman speaking outside with caption© Provided by Daily Dot

    As touchscreen payment processors have become more common, so too has being prompted for a tip.

    Numerous users on TikTok have complained about this in the past. One clip went viral after a user questioned why workers at Subway should receive tips. Another claimed they were asked for a tip on a $2 soft pretzel. A third user, who is a bartender dependent on tips, alleged that her tips have been reduced owing to the new prevalence of tipping at previously non-tipped destinations.

    Throughout all of these tipping experiences, one may wonder if the tip they select on the touchscreen actually goes to the person who is serving them. According to one TikToker, she was told it does not—instead, the tips allegedly went straight to the owner.

    In a video with over 448,000 views as of Friday, TikTok user Skye Elizabeth (@pilotskye) says that, on a recent trip to Subway, she was told to simply skip over the tipping screen. When she asked why, the worker told her, “We don’t see any of that money anyways. It goes straight to the owners.”

    “Unless you see a jar, don’t ever click the tip button,” the employee allegedly advised.

    Elizabeth ends the video by asking if anyone else’s job steals their tips. In the comments section, users claimed it was more common than one might think.

    “As a teen my manager at took most of the tips and required us to lie and say we got $20 everyday or he would fire you,” a user claimed.


    Metro Boomin has given fans an update on his much-anticipated joint album with Future, which fans have been clamouring for since it was teased back in March.

    The “greatest producer of our generation” took to Twitter on Friday (June 2) to answer a fan who asked when the album with the Freewishes founder was going to be released, especially now that his Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse soundtrack is out.

    “So now that the soundtrack is out… when’s the album with Future,” the fans asked, to which Metro replied: “Next up,” although he didn’t give a date.

    The Heroes & Villains super-producer initially teased the joint collab drop back in March, with a promise that it’d be dropping sometime in 2023.

    “Definitely. I would bet on it,” he said of the chances of the joint LP making landfall in the calendar year. “I would definitely bet on it.”

    The multi-platinum producer also expanded on his friendship with Pluto, with whom he reunited onstage at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena in January.

    “Oh, that was fire. You know, Pluto, that’s my brother. We’ve been at it for a long time. This whole superhero moment, it’s like the beginning of our phase two,” he said. “We haven’t had a song out since ‘Mask Off,’ they’ve been on our heads. With this, and then the whole State Farm thing, it’s starting to slowly put people on notice: we crankin’ that shit back up too.”

    Metro Boomin previously reunited with Future on his Heroes & Villains album, which arrived in December 2022. The Freebandz boss appeared on several songs, most notably “Superhero (Heroes & Villains)” alongside Chris Brown, ending their five-year collaborative drought.

    The Atlanta duo previously teamed up for an array of hits that ruled the Billboard Hot 100 for much of the mid-2010s, including “Mask Off,” “Jumpman,” “Thought It Was a Drought,” “Karate Chop,” “Digital Dash,” “Low Life,” “Freak Hoe,” “Big Rings, “Stick Talk” and more.

    Prior to the release of Heroes & VillainsMetro was noticeably absent from Future’s monster 2022 album I NEVER LIKED YOU — but with good reason.

    “Let me tell you why. [Future] actually finished most of the album at my studio in LA,” he told Ebro Darden. “That’s my brother, but we’re working on some things. At first, we were going to put a couple of songs with me and him on the album, but we had took them off because I had talked to him.”

    He continued: “I was like, ‘Look, the last time anybody’s really heard a song from me and you was ‘Mask Off.’ So instead of us randomly throwing one or two songs we did on here, we got to wait and just give them a joint.’”



    King Von documentary made by Trap Lore Ross dubbing him Rap’s First Serial Killer and connecting him to several alleged murders has been pulled and since re-uploaded to YouTube.

    The British documentarian posted the original four-hour King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer on Friday (April 7) which attempted to connect King Von to 10 alleged murders he committed before being killed himself in November 2020.


    “Video got taken down,” Trap Lore Ross wrote on Twitter. “Hopefully I can get it back soon, working with YouTube now but it’s Easter weekend. Still on Patreon if you’re desperate.”

    However, Ross got a shortened version of King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer back on YouTube on Tuesday (April 11), which has already racked up nearly 100,000 views as of press time.

    The updated version spans 3.5 hours and explores Von’s childhood and the murders of Chicago natives such as Modell, P5, BossTrell, Lil James, Lil Marc and Gakira “K.I.” Barnes. The documentary also ties the OTF rapper to five bodies in 2012 alone and more in 2014, 2018 and 2019.

    Many King Von fans have flocked to his defense and poked holes in Ross’ theories painting the “Crazy Story” rhymer as a murderer and comparing him to the likes of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

    “You got p5, Ki and modell. The rest of the bodies you are accusing him of are speculated but still you chose to use ‘rap’s first serial killer’ as the title and went ahead to compare a gang banger to jeffery dahmer,”

    “Von was not convicted of any murder when he was alive, so as far as i am concerned he is innocent.”

    King Von — born Dayvon Bennett was tragically gunned down at just 26 years old outside an Atlanta hookah lounge on November 6, 2020 during a dispute with Quando Rondo and his crew.


    The suspected gunman, Timothy Leeks, also known as Lul Timm, was arrested and charged with murder but was released on a $100,000 bond in March 2021.

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