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Kermit Beller

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Sound Designer

Lauren Starr

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Dj Nahmean

DJ Nahmean started djing at the age of 15 years of age in Dover, Delaware with the help of his older brother and his grandmother. With his first job at Burger King he was able to purchase his first pair of turntables. With hard work and determination, after only 1 year, DJ Nahmean was mixing, blending records and rocking outside events. From recreational centers, teen parties, to the 21 and older venues, by the age of 16 he was djing all over Delaware, Maryland, the eastern shore and the Tri-state area.It was shortly after when he took his talents to Savannah, GA where he really became the youngest in charge. Savannah was also where he got his DJ name “Nahmean”. Before that he went by DJ Focused but DJ NahMean, it just stuck! While in Savannah, GA he started to take over the club and bar scene downtown. You could catch him playing at Deja Groove, Malone’s Night Club, Bar Bar, The Jinx, Venus De Milo, and more! At age 27, DJ Nahmean moved to Atlanta where he is currently a force to reckon with in the nightlife arena. You can catch him in a variety of clubs with his high energy mixes and tricky blends. It’s those same blends and mixes that landed him a slot on the airwaves in Macon, GA on Power 107.1 FM and also as MixShow Director at 93.9PowerHitz in Atlanta Ga You can Catch DJ Nahmean each and every Friday night on the “Friday Night Turn Up” from 8pm -10pm. DJ Nahmean also has a new mixtape series entitled Quarantine Vibes, which is available on all major platforms and mixtape sites.DJ Nah Mean also does his own events; supporting indie artists any chance he gets. He’s also had the opportunity to work with countless up and coming artists in the industry such at 1Playy, Jhonni Blaze, Natasha Mosley, Juug Man aka Yung Ralph, Jamie Ray, Euro Gotit, Summerella and more!! When asked who his influences are, DJ Nahmean answered “DJ Shorty T, DJ Big Ant, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Player, DJ Kid Capri, DJ Cash Money, and DJ Lord of the infamous rap group, Public Enemy.


Dj Shaolin

The World’s Most Dangerous DJ! “DJ Shaolin” is a Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, Pop, House, Old School and Reggae DJ, and also the Co Founder of The Action Figures DJ’s & Just Friends ATL. A Queens, New York City native, sharing the same borough with one of his idols, the late Great Jam Master Jay. JMJ was instrumental to the love of hip hop and DJing that developed in Shaolin at a young age. A True Basketball Super Star in high school and College. DJ Shaolin couldn’t shake his love and urge to come home after every game and play and scratch records on his parents’ record player. After watching the movie Juice he knew that DJing was his calling. His name is inspired from Kung Fu flicks he used to watch in his past-time. He’s Sharp like a Samurai Sword and Swift with his Spins and Cuts on the Turntables. Other inspirations include: DJ Kool Herc, DJ Busy Bee, Red Alert, Chuck Chill Out, DJ SNS, Kid Capri, Ron G., DJ Premier and Cut Master C, just to name a few. After relocating to Atlanta years ago DJ Shaolin has become one of the Top Club/Radio DJ’s in the ATL. Also traveling across the world to dj in places like Greece, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia and many more. Dj Shaolin is an All Around Threat! He also is the official Dj for The Key Outreach Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority for all of their worldwide events and Live Xscape entertainment international trips. He does countless venues, clubs, corporate events, and shows and is a mix show DJ for 4 different FM Radio Stations. 96.7 The Beat (Atlanta iheart radio), Z 93 Jamz (Charleston South Carolina), Power 107.1 (Macon) and 92Q (Nashville TN) and Became An Official “Power Boy” with 939 Powerhitz (Atlanta Ga) Your top Choice would always be Shaolin Music “The World’s Most Dangerous

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