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Raised in Southern charm with a Northern twist. A single mom who wanted to capture my little one’s triumphs in life and so….my photography hobby became my passion and purpose. Capturing precious moments for all is my joy! I wrangle with every shot with a mantra of “perfection does exist”…every muse has a story to tell. It is my pleasure to do my best to allow them to feel free enough to express their unique beauty. In 2020 I joined the 93.9 PowerHitz family as one of their official photographers. Being based in Atlanta-this opportunity has introduced me to so many new experiences..and the most wonderful people. Here I am able to help the most prestige influencers leave their mark on the world by documenting their pivotal experiences along the way.

Ronnie Woo is an Arkansas native who moved to Atlanta, Ga at the age of 30, just four years after starting her career as a photographer. Ronnie always enjoyed taking pictures and learning the mechanics of a professional camera, so she decided to invest in one back in 2010. Ronnie figured either she would make money from her investment, or have some really great images to look over from her vacations and family functions. Instantly Ronnie hit the streets networking. Since she was already networking with models as a model herself she had many connections to utilize for practicing her talent.
Ronnie is a self taught photographer. From the start of it all, she taught herself how to work her camera through trial and error, and watching tutorials on Youtube. Word spread very quickly about Ronnie’s talent and she later packed up and moved to Atlanta, Ga for a bigger market.  Ronnie instantly began working major red carpet events such as the BET Hip Hop Awards, movie premieres, and network events hosted by many celebrity hosts.
Ronnie became more interested in photography when she was told she was too short to be a Runway model. Instead of being put in a category of too short, not small enough or young enough she changed her perspective from the front of the lens to the back of the lens where size, shape or age didn’t matter. She could focus her attention on creating the beautiful images she imagined herself being in. She could never be told she wasn’t good enough because she would create her own art.  Ironically Ronnie Woo can be camera shy oftentimes, but she is great at directing.
Before anything else Ronnie Woo is a mother of 2, a son and daughter, who both have started showing interest in photography as well. Ronnie has mentored many up and coming photographers and is now beginning to teach her kids the craft that she has sacrificed and dedicated her life for.  Although it has been a struggle adjusting to the ATL life at times Ronnie Woo never gave up, Ronnie vowed to never give up what she loves doing. That’s being a dope mom and photographer.

Austin “Stew” Stewart is a Miami native that moved to the A with his family at an early age. Stew has been shooting for 10+ years and has been running his own media company for the past 5 years (unofficially) and 3 years of operations in 2023. Being the #1 event photographer in the game is a steep title but if you don’t shoot for the highest peak you’ll always fall short. All in all Stew is an expert event photographer with the customer care and knowledge to help you through any situation. He says his enthusiasm for the craft but his slogan “Let’s get active”. I am becoming the coldest in the game so let’s get active!

In 2023 Dj Shaolin and I connected through a mutual contact and I joined the 93.9 PowerHitz family as one of their official photographers. I’m excited to be apart of this media/radio family. In this position I plan to show the world that the norm needs to be having fun with in your profession.

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